Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Google Zeitgeist

I'm just back from Google Zeitgeist, where the theme this year was Mindshift. I got to give one of the "Ignite" talks, which are 5-minute presentations are about a single new idea or product or way of looking at something.

These are done in a strict blitz format: 5 minutes; 20 slides; 15 seconds per slide, auto-advanced. No notes! No mercy!

My talk was about "How to Use your Adult Brain to Learn Foreign Languages". Here it is. I promise you will laugh.


  1. nice brief talk! Living in Beijing the last year, I loved watching this (and also loved Deb's husband's book -- so I want to buy Deborah's new book now, but can't find a Kindle edition for Asia Pacific!). Update, I changed to "United States" on and then was able to find this new book book for the Kindle.

  2. Thanks. Glad you could find it. The UK edition goes by the same title, with a different subtitle: "Dreaming in Chinese... and Discovering What Makes a Billion People Tick". Different jacket art, too.

  3. I love your new book! The timing on its publication was ideal for me too. My son lives in China. He and his Chinese girlfriend (Daisy) are coming here next month for a visit. She has never been to the USA, yet tutors English at the TOEFL level. Your book is the perfect gift I have been searching for to give Daisy.

    Your husband “sort of” knows me. His name popped up on LinkedIn as someone I might know. I figured “what the heck” let’s connect. By getting feeds from his articles while you were in China, he unknowingly became my virtual, invisible babysitter. I was a wreck; my baby (now 26) flew away in 2008 to China. I’m a mother! I could trust what your husband wrote.

    The two of you are very talented writers!

  4. Thanks for producing such an interesting book. I was waiting for it to come out on Kindle US (so unfair that the UK had it long before we did) and have been munching on it for a few days now--and it's delicious!

  5. I think technology is playing some catch-up with respect to character-reading. People with the newest e-readers said all the characters came across fine digitally. Those with older versions said the characters were all the same -- a little question mark inside a tiny box. How frustrating!
    The one persistent problem I have found is the big chapter title character is upside down for(I believe) chapter 4. We'll work on that.